Q&A: How to Memorize Things Fast, Quickly, Easily - 10 Best Tips Improving Memory

Improving your memory is much easier than you think because it is dynamic and can be changed. All it takes is some smart techniques, some practical tips and practice with some practical memory building exercises. There are two types of memory long-term and short-term.

Research has shown that your short-term memory’ has a very limited storage capacity. It is limited to about seven pieces of information. To improve your short term memory, you need to learn to put the right things onto the list, and learn to keep the there.

Long-term memory is for things you need to remember when studying for an exam, names of families and friends, past event in your life and many other things. Your long-term memory can also be improved with the right tips and techniques.

This article provides ten practical tips to improve both types of memory and a review of the memory process so you can understand how and why these tips work.

The location of the memory center in the brain
The location of the memory center in the brain. Source: Public Domain

Facts to Help You Understand the Memory Process

Short-Term Memory is Very Limited and Short-Lived

The total capacity of short-term memory is about 5-9 items. You can only hold these 7 or so items in your head for about 30 seconds. You can test this yourself by spending a minute or so memorizing a list of 20 words on a list. After about a minute try to write down as many words as you can. Wait a further 10 minutes and try to recall the list again. You will find that the number of words you can recall will fall off with time. Next try to memorise the first letters of the first 10 words on the list, to help to jog your memory. Restricting yourself to only about 10 words and using the first letters will greatly improve your recall.

Recalling and Testing your Memory Works Better than just Trying to Cram Things In

While most people simply try to cram facts into their brains just before an exam, researchers have found that doing simple tests on the information is very beneficial. One group of students who studied and then undertook various revision tests for what they learned had much better recall rates for what they had studied, than students who had more time to study but did not do tests.

Why do We Forget Things?

There are four major reasons why we forget things:

Top Ten Strategies to Improve Your Memory Techniques

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Nine Ways to Prolong your Memory. Source: Public Domain
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Foods for Improving Your Memory. Source: Public Domain
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How Regular Exercise can Improve Your Memory. Source: Public Domain