Night Leg Cramps Causes, Treatment, Prevention and Cures

Leg cramps that develop at night, often when people are sleeping, is a common problem. About 60% of people are likely to develop cramps at some time during their lives. For some, cramps occur frequently and can disturb sleep patterns. A muscle cramp is a strong, uncontrolled painful contraction of a muscle or a spasm that developed very quickly. It can last for a few seconds and fade quickly or it can build to a huge spasm that may last several minutes and cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Most cramps in the legs occur in the calf muscles. Leg cramps are something most people associate with team sports such as soccer, basket ball and various football codes. These cramps generally occur towards the end of the game when players are stressed and tired from overexertion. In these cases the cramps are generally associated with ion imbalance in the muscles, particularly Potassium. Dehydration can also trigger muscle cramps. The simple remedy is to stretch the muscles to stop the spasm and to take 'salt; tablets, consume a properly formulated sports drink and consume lost of water. Once a play experiences cramp there is a high risk of recurrence and most players have to leave the field.

Night time leg cramps occurs mostly in the calf muscles and sometimes in the thigh or the foot. They often occur just as you are falling asleep or waking up, but you can also be awaken from a sound sleep by a leg cramp. Often they occur in one leg and not the other, and quite often the same muscle is involved. These cramps cannot be associated with overexertion of muscles, dehydration or ion imbalance that trigger the ones sports men a women, so why do they occur when you are in bed or sleeping?
Night cramps can develop in any of the
leg muscles but the calf muscle is the commonest. Original Graphic - janderson99

Night cramps can develop in any of the leg muscles but the calf muscle is the commonest. Original Graphic - janderson99

Causes of Night Time Leg Muscle Cramps?

It remains a mystery, compounded by the fact that there are multiple causes. Sometimes there are various medical problem such as arthritis, liver disease, peripheral vascular disease, circulation problems and diabetes. For this reason doctors use an exclusion principle. they generally work through a list of likely causes specific for the patents using cue such as weight, age, general health and medical history. After underlying medical conditions have been eliminated the next step is to check for signs of the more common general causes.

How to Relax a Cramping Muscle When it Happens

How can Prevent Leg Muscle Cramps?

Calf Muscle Cramping: Public Domain Image

Calf Muscle Cramping: Public Domain Image