Q&A: Baby Jet Lag Symptoms, Remedies and Tips to Avoid It

Most people find that traveling east to west is easier on the body than west to east. This may be due to the circadian day length period being slightly longer than 24 hours, and people find it less of a strain to stay up later than to get up earlier. The other issues is that flights to the east mean that people are required to stay awake more than one complete night to make adjustment to the local time zone.

How can you Avoid and Minimize the Impact of Jet Lag on Your Baby?

The key is to prepare well beforehand. For a week or over a period of several days before your trip, make adjustments to your child's bedtime for 15-20 minutes every night to gradually shift the baby's body clock to the new time.  This will avoid having the make a large adjustment after you arrive. Try the following tips to minimize the impact after you arrive:


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