Travel Bag Advice - Avoid Baggage Fees by Loading All in Carry-On Bags

Fit it all into a carry-on bag

One way to avoid having to pay the exorbitant checked baggage fees being charged by more and more airlines is to squeeze all you need into a carrying-on bag and to wear the bulky stuff, including your hiking boots!

Have you ever found you struggle sorting through all those clothes you've packed you did not really need? Well here is the solution - don't take them!

With good planning and some great tips from the experts you will find you can squeeze all you need into a carry-on bag. Here are some great tips from the experts for business and holiday travel.

Research -
 Check the Carry-on Size and Weight Limits for ALL the flights you are travelling on and make sure the bag you are using complies. Also check the NUMBER of items you are allowed - some companies only allow one pieceINCLUDING purses, laptop bags, and any other small items.

Make a List 
- It may seem silly, but it works, especially when you work on it to remove items you don't really need.. Write down exactly what you need to bring and how many of each item (see suggested list at the end of the article). Stick to it.

Fitting it all in!

Fitting it all in can be a problem
Fitting it all in can be a problem. Source: Public Domain

Choice of a Bag and Essential Clothes